The Book

Ruling Ourselves The deliberate evolution of global cooperation and governance

Creating a vetoless global government requires that all nations cede unprecedented sovereignty - an infeasible goal for the near future. However, global governance is still possible. Existing patterns of governance are capable of articulating and embodying humanity’s willingness to cooperate. Evolving effective global governance will require widespread support, steadfast determination, and a lot of time - but it is very possible.

Executive Summary

Today, evolution of global governance is limited primarily by the ability and willingness of the world’s nations to cooperate. Creating a vetoless global legal authority - a sovereign global government - requires the ceding of unprecedented sovereignty by all nations, an infeasible goal for the near future.

However, effective governance is still achievable. With minimal modifications, today’s global governance structures are capable of articulating and embodying humanity’s willingness to cooperate. As global cooperation improves, global governance can be expanded and empowered.

Today, global cooperation is primarily constrained by the fact that nations lack mutual trust and similar priorities. Improving these factors is imperative for the continuing evolution of global governance. Strategic evolution toward these goals appears possible via policies that require minimal coordination to implement but which can significantly improve global trust or goal alignment. Combining these policies with disciplined evolution of global governance structures will make it possible for humanity to gradually implement broader and deeper global governance to solve key global challenges over the coming decades while also accumulating the experience needed to safely create a sovereign global government.

The team

This paper was written by a team of people from diverse backgrounds scattered across North America. One way to summarize our perspective is that it’s a combination of Canadian humanism with Silicon Valley optimism; we see problems in the world and we believe that they can be solved.